Tom Kates

Welcome to the black and white blog of Tom Kates. Tom Kates is a Brookline area photographer who has been actively working as an assignment photographer for the past 20 years. With the changing of styles over the years Tom Kates has found that black and white work is not viewed and enjoyed as much as it once was. His hope is that this site can be a forum for black and white work to be shown and discussed. While the techniques of black and white have changed considerably over the years with the advent of digital photography and the digital work flow. Gone are the days when Tom would spend hours at a time under the enlarger, using techniques such as selective contrast burning and dodging, split toning and endless archival washing of prints. While those things are largely gone, Tom Kates still finds that the fundamentals of what makes good black and white photography remain the same. Please enjoy and discuss the wonderful world of black and white photography.
To see more formal sites showing the daily and extensive work of Tom Kates please feel free to follow a few of his links.  To his formal Tom Kates Photography web site, to his FoundFolios portfolio which contains quite a bit more work.  Or to connect to the Linkedin page of Tom Kates.   Viewers might also want to see Tom’s link to the American Society of Media Photographers.  For fun please try my behind the scenes blog from ongoing photo shoots.  The outdoor blog can be another interesting venue to look at, as can some sites with some basic info on Tom Kates.

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